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The GW Postdoc Appreciation 2018 was a big success!!!

Dear Postdocs

Thank you for participating in the GW Postdoc Appreciation 2018. It was a great experience for us and we hope you got a lot out of it too. Please do reach out to us, to let us know what you liked, what you disliked and what you'd like to do differently next year.
For those who missed out, Dr Josh Henkin spoke to us about a variety of non-academic career options for postdocs and tools to identify them in his Keynote address titled "Now, Pick A Winning Career" (National Postdoc Appreciation Week). His slides have been uploaded here in our our website ( We had 13 amazing presentations by GW Postdocs. Winners of the Research Presentation Competition are listed below. Our career networking lunch featured a panel of 5 guests who've pursued a variety of non-traditional career paths after their postdocs. They shared with us their experiences and what they've learnt in a lively and interactive discussion session.
Winners of the Postdoc Research Presentation:
Chloe Bouarab
Rachel Resop
Sarah Jaumann
Winners of Mentor Award:
Alberto Bosque
Katherine Chiappinelli
Winners of Gold Star Postdoc Award:
Kedar Aras
Derek Jones
Congratulations to all of you!
Finally, if you haven't picked up a copy of our September bulletin, please find it attached here. This month we've included a list of all GW faculty who were nominated for the Mentor Award and their comments on effective mentoring.


Best wishes,



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